Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide in-home tutoring?

Yes! All our tutors come to your house or your location of choice.

Do you have tutoring packages?

Yes, we do! We offer package prices if you have two or more students tutoring with us. We also offer packages if you are looking to complete tutoring for more than one subject with us.

Do you provide group classes after school, on the weekend or during the holidays?

Yes! If we are able to get enough students (4+ per class), we are able to run classes during these times. We are able to provide holiday classes for students who may want to get ahead in the learning.

Do you provide primary and secondary tutoring?

Yes! We provide both primary and secondary tutoring.

Are your tutors trained and do they have knowledge in the Victorian Curriculum?

Yes! As a teacher, I believe it is important for tutors to receive training and have knowledge of the level that the students they are tutoring so that they are able to cater lessons specifically to where the child should be at.

Do all tutors have a Working with Children’s Check?

Yes, all our tutors are required to have a working with children’s check. Some of our tutors are also VIT registered teachers.

Are tutors teachers or training to be teachers?

Some of our tutors are teachers or training to be teachers, however, many are university students that are working towards a university degree. These students are all knowledgeable in the subjects that they are tutoring.