In-House or Library based tutoring

Here at Pixel Tutoring, our goal is to cater to all our student’s needs.

That’s why we provide both in-house or library based tutoring.

All our tutors come to you and come with Working with Children’s Checks.


At Pixel Tutoring, we recognise that formal schooling may not be the correct fit for all students and that is why we have decided to provide home-schooling or ‘unschooling’ opportunities for students.

We are able to provide learning in the core subjects as well as provide your child with real-word knowledge that will help to create more opportunities for them.

Online Tutoring

We provide online tutoring via Zoom to all students in ACT, Queensland, Victoria and New South Wales.

One-To-One Tutoring OR Group Tutoring (4+)

Our one-on-one can be for one hour or more.

Sessions are proven to have an improvement on all our students’ grades and confidence at school. In just three lessons, many of our students have shown growth.

In addition,we offer group tutoring sessions both in-house or in a public space for students who would like to study with their peers or want to get ahead prior to the next term, semester, or year.

Essay Editing

Unsure of whether your essay is correct? No problem!

Send it our way and we’ll take a look at it for you.