Do you have the correct tools for home learning?

Do you have the correct tools for home learning?

In previous blogs, we have discussed the importance of continuous learning, particularly during the holiday period. Learning by solely using pen and paper can be quite tedious and is ineffective for many students. Therefore, it is important to have extra materials at home to create a more enthusiastic work environment.

Here are Pixel’s recommendations on tools for home learning:

A whiteboard and coloured markers

We recommend a medium to large size board as students can mind map or breakdown topics. Whiteboards are particularly useful for visual learners.


Counters are useful as they assist students who struggle in mathematics, especially for hands-on learners.

A Musical Instrument or Art Supplies

If your child is creative, they may be more adept at learning through creative outlets such as musical instruments or art. Writing songs, drawing pictures and many other creative forms can be beneficial for learning concepts learned in the classroom.

Modelled Work

These can be found online, from your child’s school, or can be provided by your child’s tutor. Modelling and breaking down work, especially written work or mathematics equations, can help your child to understand what is expected of them.

Reading Texts

Reading texts can be purchased from any bookstore or online. You may also like to download short texts with comprehension questions which can be found online.

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