Making the most of your day Indoors: Edu-activities

Making the most of your day Indoors: Edu-activities

We know that this is a difficult time for all, particularly as everything is an unknown at the moment. That’s why, here at Pixel Tutoring, we would like to help parents and students be prepared for education in their own household. It doesn’t have to be complicated! Below we have included an example timetable which you can adapt to suit yours and your child’s needs and wants for this time. 

Example Timetable: 

*NOTE: This is an example of a timetable. You are able to change this to suit your time, extend learning, add subjects or take breaks in between learning. 

10:25-10:50amElective (cooking, sport, art)HumanitiesHumanitiesScienceMathematics
11:15-11:40amHumanitiesElective (cooking, art, sport)EnglishElectiveScience

Remember, education at home can be fun and exciting and can be an awesome way for you and your child to bond! Some activities that can be done for both Primary and Secondary students are as follows:


  • If you have a set of dominoes (you can also make these), you are able to use these to practice subtraction, addition, multiplication or division between the numbers on the domino. (Can also be done with icy pole sticks, blocks, etc).
  • Create artistic maths equations. These can be timetables flowers, buildings, or anything that you can think of. Get creative! 
  • Practice measurement of ingredients by cooking together. 
  • Mathematical Bingo. 
  • Mathematical Memory game. 


  • Play a game of scrabble (helps spelling)
  • Do 15-20 minutes of reading each day 
  • Create word searches
  • Hangman
  • Chapter Chats 
  • Matching words to pictures/sounds to words 
  • Creating a ‘my grammar’ flip book 


  • Experiment at home. The child is able to create a hypothesis.
  • Practice sustainability. 
  • Grow your own plant/gardening. 
  • Definition cards
  • Create a crime scene/analyse blood splashes (psychology)


  • Create a treasure map of your house with instructions (geography)
  • Role play (history) 
  • Definition cards 
  • Create a mystery to solve (psychology/legal studies)
  • Create a mock court case (legal)

Note: These are examples of activities that you and your child/children can do. You can also practice mindfulness during this time and create circuits for sports. If you would like to ask any questions or would like more activities, please feel free to message us at @pixeltutoringedu on Facebook or @pixeltutoring on Instagram.