Meet Tim

Meet Tim

Tim is a 10-year old boy who suffers from a brain imbalance. The symptoms of autism that he illustrates make it difficult for him to form relationships at school and he struggles academically. These are only some of the symptoms of autism that Tim displays but these symptoms alone make it difficult for him to thrive.

Tim has an imbalance between the left sides and the right side of his brain. His right side is the weaker side of the brain.

Why is it important that there is a balance between the right and left brain?

Without this rhythm, there is a disconnect and the two sides cannot effectively share and integrate information.

Tim and his parents have been told by doctors, teachers, and pediatricians that there is nothing they can do to balance out the two sides of the brain but further research into the Brain Balance program shows that, through stimulation of the side that is lacking, this is possible.

Resources: Disconnected Kids, Dr Robert Melillo