Signs my child may have Dyslexia

Signs my child may have Dyslexia

Dyslexia is the inability to discriminate between the sounds of letters, which also makes spelling, writing and speech difficult. When we hear the word ‘Dyslexia’, we often think as reading as the main issue, however, there are many other characteristics that we are able to look out for. Below is a checklist of characteristics of a child who may have Dyslexia.

                    • Difficulty understanding language
                    • Inability to control reactions
                    • Difficulty putting things in order
                    • Low self-esteem and/or lack of confidence
                    • Difficulty expressing oneself
                    • May have problems with verbal memory
                    • Logic may be faulty or flawed
                    • Handwriting may be poor or hard to read
                    • You may have difficulty performing fine motor skills tasks, such as buttoning a shirt
                    • You may have problems with writer’s cramp
                    • You easily get motion sickness
                    • You have difficulty distinguishing between left and right
                    • You feel you don’t hear well, although hearing tests have come out normal
                    • You get frightened easily
                    • You lack motivation
                    • You have a tendency to exaggerate and/or lie
                    • You have a problem remembering details
                    • You cannot learn by reading
                    • You have poor analytical skills
                    • You have no sense of time

You may use this checklist, however, if you have concerns, we advise that you speak to your child’s teacher and/or paediatrician.

Note: Do not use this checklist to determine whether your child has dyslexia