The Importance of Pixel’s Brain Balance Program

The Importance of Pixel’s Brain Balance Program



Australia’s Leading Tutoring Agency for Intellectual and Learning Disabilities

Whether your child has ADHD, Autism, Dyslexia, OCD, or a Memory Recognition Disorder, Pixel Tutoring’s Brain Balance Program caters to each of the following and more. Studies show that one in five children will be diagnosed with a behaviour or learning disability before the age of eight and that these numbers have skyrocketed within the last few years.

Diagnostic Imaging shows that an imbalance of electrical activity occurs between the left and the right hemispheres which causes a disconnection between the two sides. As the brain cannot effectively share and integrate information when there is a disconnect between the two hemispheres, this causes symptoms of Intellectual and Learning Difficulties.

Pixel’s Brain Balance Program assesses whether your child has a left, right, or whole-brain imbalance. We do this by first testing the seven areas of brain growth: motor, sensory, emotional, behavioural, academic, immune, and autonomic to find gaps in development. Based on assessment results, Pixel Tutoring will provide a personalized program for your child that will include activities from the following key areas: vestibular reflexes, primitive reflexes, auditory, visual, proprioceptive, tactile, and olfactory. Pixel also provides students with a personalized aerobics plan and nutritional diet.

As children with additional needs are generally deficient in these areas on one side of the brain and body, this affects many of their abilities, including eating, smelling, and learning. The Brain Balance Program aids in balancing out the two areas of the brain which decreases the disconnect between the two sides.

Note: This program is available for children aged 3 years and above


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