Tips for Student’s Beginning Year 12

Tips for Student’s Beginning Year 12

Beginning Year 12 doesn’t have to be daunting- it is a new experience that can be exciting.

Here are Pixel’s top tips for student’s beginning Year 12:

Stay Organised

Staying organised in Year 12 helps you to remain on top of all tasks and takes the stress away. Organisation is helpful when studying and handing in assessments on time. It is particularly important for VCE as it enables you to study throughout the year in preparation for the end of the year exams and can be the difference between low and top grades.

Challenge Yourself

Thrive to be the best that you can and push yourself out of your comfort zone by enrolling in extracurricular activities or challenging yourself to achieve better grades.

Use your School Diary 

Use your school diary to write down homework or important events.

Speak Up

If you are not understanding a task, ensure that you speak up, and receive support. Teachers will often go out of their way to support their students if they are showing initiative and a willingness to learn.

Get into a Routine 

Plan homework or assessment tasks early and try to finish them a day or two before the submission day.

Embrace a Bad Grade

At some point, you may receive a bad grade. Instead of giving up, let this fuel your hard work and use it to recognise what you need to focus on to do better.

Read your English Texts

We recommend that you do this at least three times; prior to the beginning of the year, during the term, and prior to the end of year exam.

Have Fun

Remember that Year 12 is your last year of high school and should be fun!

‘The earlier you start working on something, the earlier you will get results’.