Tips on How you can Help Retain your Child’s Learning during the School Holidays

Tips on How you can Help Retain your Child’s Learning during the School Holidays


When holidays hit, we tend to forget about our child’s learning needs. As a result, students often forget what they have learned by the beginning of the year and may fall behind. This is particularly relevant currently as all students were online learning during COVID and, as a result, may already be falling behind.

Pixel Tutoring thrives on helping all students to succeed and we believe that the best way to do this is by starting off the year confident with the material that was learned prior rather than playing catch-up.

For children with learning or intellectual difficulties, in particular, this time can be used to learn or strengthen old or new skills.

Here are Pixel’s Tips on how to use the holidays to help consolidate prior learning.

  1. Invest in in-home or online tutoring to help with English Tutoring, Mathematics Tutoring, or other forms of tutoring necessary: This is particularly relevant if your child is entering VCE levels or transitioning from Primary School to Secondary School as it will ensure that they are filling any learning gaps.
  2. Find fun and creative activities that you and your child can do while at home: For English, this may be creating a crossword, word find, or create your own scrabble board to learn new words or consolidate spelling. Mathematics can be learned through cooking activities, hopscotch, or bingo.
  3. Go to different places that are fun yet educational: This includes the museum, zoo, and aquarium. This will help children to become more actively engaged in their learning and encourages them to question what they are learning. It also strengthens critical thinking skills.
  4. Let your child be bored: It is common knowledge that children who are bored are more likely to use their imagination and to daydream, therefore, allowing for your child to be bored can foster their creative skills.
  5. Create a reading routine for each day: Reading is one of the best ways that a student can learn and is relevant across all subjects, including mathematics, science, and humanities. Reading time can be from ten minutes to one hour and we encourage you to read to or with your child every day.

Use our tips to help your child to become a confident and self-reliant learner across all subjects!