What to Do If Your Child is Behind in School

What to Do If Your Child is Behind in School

For some parents, receiving a report card or a phone call from your child’s school to tell you that your child is behind can be quite daunting. As we know, students were taking classes online for the majority of last year which has resulted in many students falling behind. Pixel is here to take the stress out of worrying about whether your child will catch up in the New Year.

Here are some tips on how you can assist your child in being prepared for the first day of Term One:

Hire a Tutor

Hiring a tutor to focus on areas of weakness or gaps in learning can create a difference between your child being ready and confident for the first day of school or your child falling behind during the school year. A tutor can not only help with specific focus areas, they are also able to help to build your child’s confidence to be an independent learner.

Use the holidays to brush up on previous work

Encouraging your child to keep their workbooks and activities from the term allows you to go through and identify what they have completed in class and what they may have struggled with. Use this time to go over all work and provide activities for your child. These can be fun activities that the whole family can do! Remember, there is an opportunity for learning everywhere!

Read the school English texts and check for comprehension

If your child is in high school, read the texts that they are required to read throughout the year or even the texts that were required the year prior. When your child is reading, ask questions to check for understanding. You may also like them to complete chapter summaries, underline themes or symbols, or circle words that they don’t understand.

Communicate with the classroom teacher at the beginning of the year

Communication is the key to success! If the classroom teacher is unaware of the struggles that your child is facing, they may not be able to provide the time to help your child to catch up. It is best to be transparent with your child’s teacher at the beginning of each year so that you are both working towards the same goal.

Create a Homework Schedule

Scheduling thirty minutes to an hour per night to review Mathematics or English can create the difference between confidence and fall behind. Where possible, schedule this on the same day as this helps build a routine.

Don’t Rush their Success 

It is easy to want your child to understand the content easily however, learning takes time for some. The important thing is to remain patient and always encourage your child.

Aim for Success, Not Perfection’ – David M. Burns